Much emphasis has been placed on the safety of athletes during sports, making different forms of protection necessary to ensure the well being of the participant. Often a mouthguard is the one piece of safety equipment that is overlooked.

Mouthguards are acrylic appliances fitted over the teeth, designed to protect both the soft and hard tissues in and around the mouth from injury:

  • Prevent cuts and bruises by protecting lips, tongue, cheeks and gums.
  • Soft acrylic absorbs impact to front teeth preventing evulsion and breaking and chipping.
  • Dissipating force to the mandible preventing brain concussion.
  • Prevents dislocation of T.M.J. by cushioning the jaws.
  • Avoids a jaw fracture.

There are several types of commercial mouthguards that can be purchased at sport stores.

For the best protection we recommend a custom fabricated mouthguard to safeguard not only the natural structures of the oral cavity, but also any orthodontic wires or other expensive dental work such as bridges and crowns.

The custom fabrication consists of an accurate impression taken of the teeth and surrounding tissues.

Any child or adult participating in sports activities should always wear mouth protection. It is a cost effective and trauma free method to guard against damage to the oral cavity.